Dream It. Live It. Become It.

At Sports University, we’ve created the
formula for developing Superior Athletes. We refer to it as T3 or Triangular Training Theory™. With it, aspiring athletes, regardless of their current skill level, finally have access to the level of training and development they need to Dream, Live, and Become the next generation of top HS and D1 college athletes.

STEP 1: Create an Athlete Account.

STEP 2: Log in to your Athlete Account and purchase an Athlete Battle Plan™. An ABP™ is your complete blueprint to success. It includes your Initial Athlete Assessment, then defines, prioritizes, and tracks all of your development goals using our graphical reporting system.

STEP 3: After your Initial ABP™ Assessment, select an Athlete Training Subscription™ and go to WAR™. ATS™ includes all of the ATC Programs + Position-Specific SkillPacks you’ll need to smash your ABP™ goals and develop into a superior athlete. 1

[1]ATS™ Complete and Core options are available.

STEP 4: Purchase an Athlete Development Review™, as needed. Select the ADR™ option that best meets your needs and let our Training Team provide you with all of the focused feedback and developmental review you need to turn your game ALL THE WAY UP! 1,2

[1] ATS™ Complete includes all ADR™ options.
[2] ADRs™ can be used to update your ABP™.

STEP 5: Prefer in-person training? Find Certified IST™ Instructors or attend Certified AGCS™ Events to develop the LV-2 and LV-3+ MTR-F required to become a superior athlete.