Athlete Development Review™


With an ADR™, athletes receive all of the focused feedback, coaching, and developmental review they need to turn their game ALL THE WAY UP!

Not starting, had a bad game, not sure where or what you need to do to improve? No worries, we’ve got you covered! Finally, all of the sport/ position-specific training + developmental feedback athletes need to transform into monsters on the playing field.

*ADRs are currently available for Tackle Football, Track & Field (100m-400m), Volleyball, Baseball, and Softball. See complete ADR details in the description below.



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  1. Create an Athlete Account, here.
  2. Purchase your Initial ABP™.
  3. Select an ATS™ and go to WAR.
  4. Purchase an ADR™ (as needed).
  5. Find Certified IST™ Instructors or attend Certified AGCS™ Events to further develop the LV-2 and LV-3+ MTR-F required to become a superior athlete.



Recommended – Quarterly (every 3 months) in line with the end of each 12-week training cycle.

With an ADR™ you’ll schedule an in-person assessment and or submit all of the required film necessary to update and or refocus your ABP™. You’ll also meet (in-person or remotely) with your training team to discuss your development and get all of the focused feedback you need to continue turning your game ALL THE WAY UP!

Your ADR™ includes:

  • Complete ABP™ update.
  • ATC, METLE, and MTR-F re-assessment.
  • Game and or Practice Film Review.
  • Training Film Review.
  • ATS™ Complete clients receive FREE Quarterly ADRs.

*All ADRs utilize our T3™ and Combat Logic™ technologies.

Don’t need a full ADR™? Check out our Game Film Review and Snapshot™ options below.



Recommended – After every game. 

Your Game Film Review includes:

  • Analysis of one (1) full-length game.
  • Identify and address any and all performance-related problems/ concerns.
  • Prescribe the required training and development focus required to solve the problem.
  • Earn LV-3 SkillPack Badges, faster.
  • ABP™ updates for ADR™ Full and ATS™ Complete clients.
  • ATS™ Complete clients receive FREE Game Film Reviews.

*All GFRs utilize our T3™ and Combat Logic™ technologies.



Recommended – As Needed.

With an ADR Snapshot, you receive:

  • Analysis of up to 1 minute of Game, Practice, Workout, and or Training clips.
  • Identify and address one (1) performance-related problem/ concern.
  • Prescribe the required training and development focus required to solve the problem.
  • ABP™ updates.
  • Earn LV-2 through LV-3 Achievements, faster.
  • ATS™ Core clients receive 3 free Snapshots per month in order to submit for ATC™ Awards and SkillPack Badges.
  • ATS™ Complete clients receive unlimited snapshots.

*All ADR Snapshots utilize our T3™ and Combat Logic™ technologies.

**Snapshots are an inexpensive, yet powerful tool for athletes, parents, and coaches who are capable of shooting their own short videos and or editing down game/ practice film into shorter clips. This process significantly reduces the amount of time we have to spend reviewing film, and allows us to provide a superior product at a significantly reduced price.



Recommended – To update and or dial in current ABP™ Nutrition values. 

Nutrition + Hydration Update includes:

  • Daily Total Calorie Intake based on intensity of training.
  • Daily intake requirement of Fat, Carbs, and Protein.
  • Per meal intake of Fat, Carbs, and Protein (based on 6 meals).
  • Fat intake recommendations: Monounsaturated, polyunsaturated, saturated.
  • Added sugar intake recommendations.
  • Fiber intake recommendations.
  • Recommended meal timing.
  • Hydration recommendations (daily, pre-, during, and post-workout).

*Our nutrition plan does not include Meal Planning. Meal Planning refers to the specific foods eaten to achieve the numbers provided.

**Starting out, the most important aspect of any nutrition plan is to hit the numbers. As athletes progress, eating “cleaner”, and “healthier” foods may be beneficial. But, trying to incorporate “cleaner” and “healthier” food alternatives from jump, may reduce an athlete’s ability to hit their numbers.



Once purchased, Check your email for important information about creating your Private Training Group, uploading content, and completing your ADR™.



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