Training Programs + Events

IST™ is short for Individual Skill Training. IST™ sessions are designed for beginner through advanced-level athletes who would benefit from 1on1 and or small group training sessions.

To find a Certified IST™ Trainer in your area, click on the Live Chat button on the bottom right of your screen or call/ text us, at (254) 290-7531.

*Certified IST™ Trainers utilize ATS™, as well as, all of our other groundbreaking Sports Training and Athlete Development Technologies to ensure athletes receive the level of training required to transform into superior athletes.

AGCS™ is short for Advanced Group Combat SessionAGCS™ training sessions utilize position groups and actual gameplay scenarios in order to provide an advanced level of training. In doing so, AGCS™ sessions are capable of providing the required LV-2 and LV-3 MTR-F training needed to transform any athlete, regardless of their current skill level, into a superior athlete.