Athlete Battle Plan™



At Sports University, we’ve created the formula for developing superior athletes. And with it, the only sports training model capable of consistently producing superior results for any athlete willing to lock in and go to WAR behind their dream, regardless of natural talent.

And, it all starts with an Athlete Battle Plan™, the only sport/position-specific athlete development plan capable of accurately assessing where an athlete is, versus where they need to be, then, defining and prescribing all of the work required to get there.





  1. Create an Athlete Account, here.
  2. Purchase your Initial ABP™.
  3. Select an ATS™ and go to WAR.
  4. Purchase an ADR™ (as needed).
  5. Find Certified IST™ Instructors or attend Certified AGCS™ Events to further develop the LV-2 and LV-3+ MTR-F required to become a superior athlete.


Recommended – For every athlete.

Based on our T3™ and Combat Logic™ assessment criteria, an ABP™:

  • Provides a complete assessment and breakdown of an athlete’s current sport/position-specific ability.
  • Defines and prioritizes the required training needed to develop into a superior athlete (Focus).
  • An ABP™ is best paired with our Athlete Training Subscription™ but can be used in conjunction with your current training program to ensure you’re developing to goal.

Your ABP™ also features:

  • Nutrition + Hydration Plan.
  • Complete ATC™ Assessment. *ATCs are comprised of your standard measurables: height, weight, wingspan, arm length, hand size, chest, waist, 40, Standing Bench, Squat (Full Range), vertical, broad jump, 3-cone, short shuttle, long shuttle, etc.
  • Calculation of ATC™ Ratios. *ATC Ratios are instrumental in understanding an athlete’s ability to perform as well as prescribing the required training needed to spur the appropriate development. They include both upper and lower-body Strength:Weight:Speed, as well as Power:Weight:Speed.
  • Complete METLE™ Assessment. *Identify an athlete’s ability to perform the required sport + position-specific tasks.
  • Complete MTR-F™ Assessment. *Evaluate the stage/level at which these sport + position-specific tasks are performed.
  • Complete INTANGIBLES Assessment. Intensity, Physicallity, Killer-Instinct, Confidence, IQ.
  • Side-by-side comparison of your ABP™ values to the expected values at your position.



Recommended – ATS™ + ADR™.

An ABP™ is best utilized in conjunction with our ATS™, ADR™, IST™, and AGCS™ technologies. However, an ABP™ can be used in conjunction with any knowledgeable trainer/ training program capable of arriving at its specified goals.

If using a 3rd-party trainer and or training program, that doesn’t seem to be addressing your development needs as outlined in your ABP™, check out our ATS™, ADR™, IST™, and AGCS™ technologies.



Recommended – As needed.

To update your ABP™ check out our ADR™ options here.



Once purchased, check your email for important information about creating a Private Training Group, uploading content, and completing your Initial ABP™.



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